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Frequently Asked Questions

What do my Registration Fees cover?

Registration fees cover Orange Empire Conference fees, referee costs, basic picture packets, football equipment costs, football game jerseys, insurance, and year-end trophies for football and cheerleading participants.  Fullerton does not require a league fundraisers or team redline fee. The Board of Directors organizes a number of fundraisers during the season to go directly to our teams.   You can help keep fees low by assisting Fullerton Pop Warner in obtaining corporate and local business sponsorships. If you own or operate a business, or know someone who does that is willing to support our children in Fullerton Pop Warner, please contact any Board member.


How can I volunteer to help in the snack bar, on the fields or with fundraising?

It takes a large number of people to ensure that football and cheer teams and functions operate smoothly throughout the season, and your help is needed and appreciated. If you want to become involved through volunteering, please send an e-mail message to any Board member, or just use the Feedback section of our web site. The Pop Warner Volunteer Application can be downloaded.


What fundraising activities are going to happen this year to help offset fees?

Fullerton Pop Warner does not require any League fundraisers. The league is operated with funds obtained from Registration, Snack Bar and sponsors.  Each team is required to have representatives share in snack bar duties throughout the season

 Will I be asked to purchase additional items during the season? 

It is possible. We have budgeted for all standard costs that typically arise during the season and have allotted for them in the registration fees. Football teams typically ask for a separate donation toward their "Team Fund". An individual team or squad may choose to design their own T-shirt or hat, and you may be asked to participate in a "team fundraiser" for merch, banquets and pizza parties.


How many days a week will my child(ren) be required to practice?

During the month of August your child may practice up to four days a week. It is mandatory that your child(ren) attend all conditioning practices during this period of time. Once school starts, practices will be three days per week, plus one game each Saturday. When schedules are set, they will be available on our web site for you to print and save.


My son is new to football. What should we expect?

Many boys and girls who sign up have no prior experience. The coaches take this into consideration during the conditioning and initial instruction period in August. This is why it's so very important for your child to attend every practice. The physical conditioning is more intense than other sports. To help prevent injuries, all players should begin conditioning several weeks prior to the beginning of practice in August. Prior to August, 45 minutes of running, push-ups, and sit-ups at least every other day will help make your players/cheerleaders first few weeks in the program less demanding.


When does Pop Warner season start and how long will the season last?

The Fullerton Pop Warner season officially begins with practices starting in early August and games typically start in September. The season will continue into early November, and possibly through the middle of December if your child's team or squad enters regional and/or national championships. For those teams not advancing into the playoffs, it is customary to participate in bowl games or travel to places like Laughlin, Las Vegas or San Diego. If the team decides to travel the season could extend to about the 1st week of December.


Will my child be required to travel to other fields to play or cheer?

Yes. Although Fullerton Pop Warner's home field is located in Fullerton at Lions Field, other Orange Empire Conference teams are located in the surrounding cities from Whittier to San Clemente.  Some games are at our home field while others are at the other teams' fields. The schedule will list the locations of each game with links to maps and driving directions.


Is it possible that my child will participate in tournaments or championship games out of town? 

Yes, it is very possible. Fullerton Pop Warner has sent teams to Regional Championships in the past and cheer squads to the Regional Cheer Competition in Las Vegas. Football and Cheer National Championships are usually in Orlando, Florida. If we win local and regional tournaments and competitions again this year, additional fundraising activities will occur to offset travel and expenses. Please be aware, that some "upfront" fees are required and must be paid before traveling to Regional and National competitions.


What if my child has a birthday party or other non-Fullerton Pop Warner activity planned during a scheduled practice or game?

If at all possible, please do not schedule non-Fullerton Pop Warner activities during practice and game times. To help continue our winning tradition, all players and their parents must make a commitment to be available for all practices and games. Football and cheerleading require a serious commitment. Coaches enforce strict practice rules in preparing for games and cheer competitions.


We always take vacations in August. Is this really going to be a problem?

Absolutely! We understand that this is a huge commitment and sacrifice for your family to make. However, regular attendance is critical during August because that's when the fundamental instruction takes place, and each athlete must put in mandatory conditioning time. Most boys and girls, who miss even one week of practice in August, find it very difficult to catch up. It's also not fair to the kids who might be on a wait list that are able to attend every practice but cannot be due to the maximum number of participants allowed per team. Athletes with frequent absences will be dismissed from the Fullerton Pop Warner Football program.


When and where are practices and games played?

Practices begin on August 1st. We are not allowed to practice on Sunday. Practices will be held for all divisions Monday through Friday and depending on your Head Coach the starting time typically vary from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm and go for 2 to 2 1/2 hours (depending on team), with no practice on Sundays. Starting in September when regular season begins, there will be three practices during the week, the days will vary depending on your team and Head Coach.


Games are played every Saturday on a time rotational basis, Games can be scheduled anytime from 9:00am to 7:00pm. Typically your players play the early games and older players play later games.  Game schedules are issued by Orange Empire Football Conference. Home games will be played at Lions Field in Fullerton.  Away games will be played at the opponent's home field. For a list of all the cities please see our "Maps" page.


What equipment will I need to buy for my child?

Fullerton Pop Warner will provide all necessary equipment for tackle football with the exception of football shoes (cleats), mouthpiece and athletic supporter (cup) and a girdle. All of the equipment we issue to our players is NOCSAE approved and is either re-certified or replaced on a yearly basis. Players are provided equipment on a loan only basis, helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, kneepads, thigh pads, practice pants, game pants, practice jersey and belt. Players will also receive new game jersey, which will be theirs to keep.


Are there try-outs?

Pop Warner accepts all applicants (barring any medical reason they cannot play).  Teams may fill and we are a first come first serve league, we will do our best to accommodate all sign ups.


Is my child guaranteed playing time?

Fullerton Pop Warner is governed by the Orange Empire Conference rule whereby each football player MUST PLAY A MINIMUM play count based on the number of players on the team. Each Fullerton Pop Warner coach has been instructed regarding the rule and each coach must comply with this rule or face possible suspension/removal from the organization.


What happens if our plans change — can we get a refund?

It is the policy of Fullerton Pop Warner Football Association not to refund registration fees once the child begins practice or takes the field the first day of practice. Any request for refunds prior to August 1st (or first day of practice) must be submitted in writing to the Association, with an explanation and /or reason. If a child is removed due to not making weight prior to certification, a refund will be issued. Any and all refunds are up to the discretion of the Fullerton Pop Warner Board of Directors.


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